Monday, July 22, 2019

For Health & Care Professional FAQs

Health Professionals are encouraged to send referrals to CNAP via the electronic system called Resource Management and Referral (RM&R). If RM&R is not accessible at your organization, then you can always call CNAP at 1-877-621-2077 & 416-217-2077 and speak to, or leave a message for, one of CNAP’s Social Workers.

Referrals to CNAP require an explanation of the client’s needs so that a CNAP Social Worker can suggest support services that match the client’s needs. The CNAP Social Worker then makes connect directly with the client and completes an assessment to gather pertinent information, such as: demographic data (i.e., client’s date of birth, address and postal code, alternate contact information), and details about the client’s situation and health condition. To ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained, CNAP’s Social Worker's obtain consent from the client, substitute decision-maker, care provider, etc.

Resource Matching & Referrals (RMR) and voicemails concerning referrals are replied to within one business day. After completing a quick assessment of the client’s needs, as well as determining the best target agency to provide supportive services, clients are notified that their target agency will contact them within two business days to arrange services. Thus, the referral process takes approximately three business days.

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